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Tough Fleets - Vonic Fleet Services of Anaheim: 37 Years of Excellence

In August of 1983, the Vonic family opened their garage in Anaheim, Calif., and have been leading players in the industry of heavy-duty truck fleet services ever since. The shop has always put quality of service and workmanship above all other considerations. Each mechanic is ASE-certified, and we continually train all our mechanics so that they're up to-date on all the latest advances. From smart suspension back then to maintaining self-driving trucks today and in the future, we have got the skill and know-how to handle it. Today, our staff of 12 maintains hundreds of fleets of trucks, and our 24,000-square foot facility is state-of-the-art.

Jake Vonic: Like Father, Like Son

Jake's dad, Jeff, founded Tough Fleets - Vonic Fleet Services. Even with only one truck and a dusty, tiny shop, Jeff's company was a player in the heavy duty truck fleet services game. He was a mechanic's mechanic, always training, learning, and improving himself and inspiring others to do the same.
Jake is a chip off the old block. His approach to the mechanic's life is the same as his dad's. He leads the other 11 staff members and never asks them to do anything that he wouldn't do himself. Because of this two-way respect, all 11 of the other staff members are loyal, professional, and terrific at what they do.
Jake is proud to be the boss of a business with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau that has had no complaints filed against it. Jake still works side-by-side with his dad, just as he has over the last five decades. Jake, like his dad before him, doesn't believe in "just going through the motions." He brings great passion for truck repair to the shop, and each mechanic who works for him can't help but exhibit the same passion. Also like his dad, Jake's a mechanic's mechanic.

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Our Team

  • Roberto Chavez
    Roberto ChavezHead Shop Technician

    Roberto has been with Vonic Fleet Services for over 20 years. He's been a great asset to our team, and his service is invaluable. He is backed by many ASE certifications that prove his excellence and experience. Roberto is a team player and is involved in helping everyone out in the shop. In his spare time he loves to work and ride his dirt bikes, as well as going out on his boat. Roberto is definitely a people person and enjoys getting to know customers and making sure their concerns are handled correctly the first time.

  • Manuel Rangel
    Manuel RangelShop Technician

    Manuel is the type of technician that loves all work. He can handle anything from light-duty to heavy-duty work, and is one to never say no to good honest work. Manuel has been with Vonic Fleet Services for eight years and his time here will only continue to grow. In his spare time, he loves to stay active by bicycling and swimming with his family. Manuel is definitely a team player and enjoys working on all different types of vehicles. His drive and ambition to learn continues to motivate everyone around him.

  • Darla Wilson & Riley
    Darla Wilson & RileyOffice Manager & Office Dog

    Darla has been with Vonic Fleet Services for 17 years. She handles all of our front office needs and is a great asset to the company. She is a very positive person, which shines through when she answers the phone to greet customers, and if she can't answer your questions she will make sure she finds someone who can. All around, Darla will brighten anyone's day, as will our certified office dog Riley! Riley is a 10 year old Yorkshire terrier who loves people. He won't admit it, but he even likes the mailman he barks at every morning.

  • Rick Rodeback
    Rick RodebackShop Technician

    Rick is a highly experienced diesel technician who has devoted many years to the automotive and heavy duty repair industries. He has worked in the private sector on both cars and trucks as well as serving several years in the motor pool of the US Army. He holds many certifications including air brakes, and is one of the top technicians here at Vonic Fleet Services. Rick's wealth of knowledge makes him a great asset to our shop.

  • Martin Gomez
    Martin GomezHead Field Technician

    Martin has been with our company longer than any other employee—he just celebrated 30 years with Vonic Fleet Services! Martin holds numerous certifications for both truck and trailer repair. He is in charge of maintenance and repair on hundreds of vehicles, including some customer accounts he has been servicing for over 25 years. He is a people person and loves what he does. In his many years as a technician, there’s not a lot Martin hasn’t seen or done when it comes to heavy duty repair.

  • Jorge Leyva
    Jorge LeyvaParts Driver

    Jorge has been with Vonic Fleet Services for 18 years. He is our parts driver and also shuttles our customers around when they need transportation. If there is traffic on a freeway, Jorge knows the way around it! His ability to get parts for our technicians quickly and efficiently in turn helps us get our customers’ trucks out in a timely manner. Jorge loves to go fishing and spending time with his grand kids on his time off.

  • Martin Villasenor
    Martin VillasenorField Technician