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6 Basic Truck Maintenance Tips

Whether it is your first truck or you have had one for years, if you plan on having the vehicle for a couple more years to come you will need to implement consistent maintenance. Despite their durability, trucks are still just like any other vehicle that has moving parts and degrades over time. In order to avoid costly breakdowns for your truck, you should be routinely getting it inspected and abiding by the owner’s manual. If you use your truck for work, you cannot afford to drive an unreliable truck. Invest in yourself and read these six basic truck maintenance tips for truck owners on how to avoid costly repairs down the road.

6     Basic Truck Maintenance Tips

1.    Routinely change the engine oil (most important)

·     This is one of the most common and arguably most important tips because your engine oil can easily become contaminated with dust, dirt, and debris from the engine and environment. These checks are most important but are also most overlooked. 

2.    Keep Inspecting All Other Fluids

·     In addition to the engine oil, you should also routinely check the engine coolant, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid. Proper lubrication is essential to keep your vehicle running properly. 

3.    Tire Rotation/Balancing

·     A set of unbalanced tires will lead to your car vibrating and cause increased wear on your suspension. This will also lead to further damage on your tires. This will lead to worse gas mileage and lead to less control on the road. Tires are the backbone of truck maintenance and proper care will save big money down the road.

4.    Clean the exterior

·     Cleaning the exterior of your truck is excessively often overlooked. Giving your truck a nice shine is not the only reason you should clean it. When cleaning the exterior of your truck you also protect the paint on it by removing any abrasive dirt or dust.

5.    Change the air filter

·     Similar to oil, air filters become clogged with dust, debris, and chemical contaminants. A clean air filter will make your engine last longer and will optimize your engine's efficiency and acceleration.

6.    Electrical issues

·     A dim light can indicate an electrical problem, while a burned out light is illegal and dangerous for everyone on the road. In order to deal with this at home make sure your glove box is stocked with spare fuses. Sometime you do not need to get towed and a $1 fuse would fix the problem!


Maintenance is one of the most tedious but essential things in the trucking industry. Those with the best high quality trucks will do the best business. Therefore, consistent with your truck’s maintenance is the best way to keep your truck on the road and in tiptop shape. Do not wait for an expensive unanticipated emergency and schedule an appointment with an auto repair expert today. If you put in the time to take care of your truck, you will get many more years out of it and save a lot more money in doing so.