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How often should diesel trucks replace their glow plugs?

When owning a diesel pickup truck, you have probably heard of glow plugs but may not know what they do. There are many critical differences between a gas-powered vehicle and a diesel-powered engine. One of those significant differences is the glow plug, which functions similarly to a spark plug with a few specific differences.

What is a glow plug?

The glow plugs in your truck function as small heaters. They act as heating components in your engine, warming the diesel and air for efficient combustion. Spark plugs and glow plugs both serve the same purpose. But to start diesel engines, they heat fuel and air instead of lighting the ignition like they do with gas engines. Every cylinder in a diesel engine has a glow plug; therefore, different types and models require various numbers of plugs.

Why do glow plugs fail?

When a glow plug malfunctions, the combustion chamber lacks the additional heat needed to ignite. Depending on the temperature outdoors, you might occasionally be able to start your diesel truck after numerous tries. However, if the glow plug is broken in the frigid winter, it is unlikely that a diesel engine will start. Have your glow plugs examined immediately if you're experiencing difficulties starting your diesel pickup, especially in the cold. Some reasons why your glow plugs fail are as follows:

  • Your engine is operating at excessive voltages.
  • Your power supply is excessively long
  • Your engine's glow plugs are the incorrect size.
  • Your pistons require repair.
  • You have faulty valves.
  • The injectors' leaks have corroded the glow plugs onto them.

Black smoke emerging from the exhaust when you try to start the engine is another indication that your glow plug needs to be replaced. The smoke shows the failure of the air/fuel combustion. Due to a defective glow plug, the fuel did not undergo proper combustion, which is the cause of the black smoke. If left untreated, the following issues are likely to arise:

  • Loss of acceleration
  • Loss of fuel efficiency
  • Loss of overall power

How often should glow plugs be replaced?

On a diesel engine, a glow plug typically lasts for about 100,000 miles. Therefore, you shouldn't have to worry about it very often. However, they may stop working before then, particularly if you routinely hard start your vehicle or use a glow plug of lower quality than your pickup calls for. Our diesel pickup repair shop can help; call us today! Our expert diesel technicians have the knowledge and technology to help your diesel pickup back on the road. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns.