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Monday-Friday: 8AM - 5PM
Saturday by appointment only

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"Brought my 2012 Tiffin RV in for an oil change and roadworthiness/safety inspection. I couldn't be happier with the service and professionalism of Vonic. Juan Ortiz was my service writer. Friendly, knowledgeable, and good to his word. I highly recommend Vonic to RV owners, who are looking for great service at a reasonable price -- each of which is difficult to find, let alone finding them together in one place. I've had my RV serviced elsewhere in southern California. Vonic is my first choice from now on. Thanks for the great work!"

— Google Review

"Been to many shops. This is my new favorite. Fast, nice, and straight forward without crazy rates."

— Facebook Review

"First visit. Brought my diesel MH in for service and am totally impressed with their professionalism, and awareness of detail. Luis handled this service masterfully and I would recommend them to anybody. Issues to be aware of though bringing a 40'r in and out: 1) Location. I'm glad Jeff TOLD me to enter from Santa Ana St. and not turn down Rose. 2) Getting out will be interesting. Brought my tow dolly with me probably not the best of ideas. But we shall see."

— Yelp Review

"Oil change and chassis service for my diesel RV... They did a good job, but it took a little longer than I originally was told. The reason was a "double check" by a master mechanic, so that was good. They found a bad turn signal bulb in the safety check, and took care of it right away. It's a little hard to get in and out, and I had to back up maneuvering around other trucks! :-/ But Luis helped me out and made sure I didn't back over the curb! :)"

— Yelp Review

"..manager Jake at this TRUCK AND BUS REPAIR FACILITY and the mechanics could not have been nicer...If you have truck or bus problems... call Vonic.. "

— Fefi F

"Friendly people and knowledgeable mechanics."

— Google Review

"I recently purchased a used RV and wanted to be sure it was road worthy before heading out. I talked to Jake, the service manager, about brakes, tires, oil changes, etc. He mentioned Vonic can perform a Department Of Transportation (DOT) check of the vehicle as well. I took my RV in and had the work performed. It turned out better than I expected and gave me peace of mind knowing I'd be safe on the highways. Both Jake and Jeff are great. They know their stuff, as do the people who work for them. The work was finished on time too. Very pleased with their work."

— Yelp Review

"After taking my truck to Vonic Truck Services Inc. I don't think I would consider taking my truck anywhere else. The service I recieved was great, the staff was a great help at all times, they let me know the up to date information on my repairs and helped me get back on the road fast and easy. I would recommend any company or owner operator to consider Vonic Truck Services Inc. for all your heavy duty repair needs 24hrs a day."

— Yellowpages Review

"Great customer service and very knowledgable staff. I would recommend them to all owner operators and fleet owners who are looking for a professional repair and maintenance shop that is affordable and actually knows what they are doing."

— Superpages Review