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Complete Fleet Truck Services in Anaheim

At Vonic Fleet Services, we do complete bumper-to-bumper truck repair in our 24,000 square foot facility in Anaheim. You name it we do it! We also offer afterhours emergency roadside service Monday through Saturday from 5PM to 12AM, onsite preventive maintenance services, and BIT/DOT Inspections. With an approved credit application, we provide free 30 day accounts with online access for our customers to their accounts. If you need to get here, we offer free pick-up and delivery within a five mile radius, as well as customer shuttle service.

  • Trailer Truck Engine Repairs & Overhauls
  • Diesel Repair
  • Truck Electrical Service
  • Truck Oil Change / Lube Service
  • Truck Tune-up
  • Truck Radiator Service - Coolant / Antifreeze Change / Flush
  • Truck Air Filter Replacement
  • Truck Brake Inspection, Service & Repair
  • Truck Exhaust / Muffler Service & Repair
  • Truck Inspection Service
  • Truck Transmission Service & Repair
  • Truck Suspension Service & Repair
  • Clutch Repair
  • Hydraulic System Repairs for Trucks & Trailers
  • A/C Repair
  • DOT Inspections
  • Opacity Testing
  • BIT/DOT Computerized Maintenance Tracking
  • Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Lift Gate Repair & Installation
  • Truck & Trailer Box Repair
  • Free Fleet Analysis
  • Emergency Road Side Assistance

More About Our Services

Diesel Repair

Diesel repair

Today's diesel engines are much more complex than in the past. At Vonic Fleet Services, we have the expertise and experience to troubleshoot, maintain and repair any problems you're experiencing with your diesel truck. Our mechanics know diesel and will get the job done right, the first time.

trucks preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

When you operate a truck fleet, the best way to avoid serious breakdowns and minimize the high costs associated with truck repair is by doing routine maintenance and staying on a PM schedule. When trucks are properly maintained, problems can be predicted or prevented, and repairs can be completed before failure. We can help you plan service in advance—at the best possible time instead of the worst. If you do need a repair, we'll work to get you back on the road quickly.

AC Repair

Truck A/C Service & Repair

At Vonic Fleet Services, we offer complete A/C repair and recharge services for trucks, ensuring your air conditioning system has a long and trouble-free life. We can quickly inspect your air conditioning, repair or recharge it, and have you back on the road in no time.

clutch Repair

Clutch Repair

As miles accumulate, truck clutches will naturally degrade over time, and the clutch disc can wear down, especially if your trucks are driven in stop-and-go traffic. At Vonic Fleet Services, we can handle all types of clutch repair and maintenance, including replacing the pressure plate, replacing the clutch disk, replacing the throwout bearing, resurfacing or replacing the fly wheel, and replacing any worn out hydraulic parts.

Brake Repair

Brake Repair & Service

Brakes unavoidably wear out over time. How long they last is based on numerous factors, such as where you drive and how you brake. For this reason, it is necessary to service your brakes regularly. At Vonic Fleet Services, we understand truck braking systems, and can get you back on the road quickly whether you need service or repairs. We also provide a complimentary brake inspection with every PM or repair service to make sure that any problem is addressed before it becomes a major concern.

Performance Upgrades

Suspension Repairs

Vonic Fleet Services is one of the top truck repair shops in Anaheim for your truck's suspension system, including struts, shocks, steering, and more. If your truck isn't steering or turning as it should, or if you're experience jolts and bumps as your drive, make an appointment today. Suspension issues are not only uncomfortable, they're potentially dangerous. Let us make sure your truck is safe and driving smoothly.

diagnostics Repair


Our technicians are experts in diagnostics on computer control systems and general troubleshooting. We have the latest in scanners and scopes to assist in those hard-to-diagnose problems, and we review areas of your truck's engine that may not be covered by a computer system. If any of your warning lights are on, we'll find out why and make sure your running conditions are safe and sound.

Truck & Trailer Box Repair

If you have a truck or trailer box that needs repair, you've come to the right place. Vonic Fleet Services specializes in servicing and repairing truck and trailer boxes. We'll get your truck or semi-trailer back on the road and back in busines! Whether you've got a small, medium-duty box truck, or a semi-trailer — we can handle all of your box or trailer repairs.